Golden Sun Consulting – Marketing and Merchant Processing

Welcome to Golden Sun Consulting.

We’re a company that helps businesses manage their payment processing. I’m an independent agent, and I can help you make sure you’re getting the right stuff at the best price, from the right company.

Let’s schedule a brief introductory consultation. We’ll take about twenty minutes to

  • Look at your processing rates structure vs. your customers’ actual card usage;
  • Look at your rates themselves, more generally;
  • Talk about the “chip and pin” or smartcard “requirements” that are coming in 2015; and
  • Talk about some marketing opportunities you may be missing.

We believe in small business, and one of the things we know is that most small businesses are overcharged and under-served when it comes to payment processing. We can make sure you’re getting the same chances your larger competition is getting.

You can reach us at either 314-941-2331 or